ISO/IEC 27035 is an international standard that focuses specifically on information security incident management. It provides guidelines and best practices for organizations to effectively detect, assess, respond to, and recover from information security incidents.

Key aspects covered in ISO/IEC 27035 include:

  1. Incident Management Framework: Establishing an incident management framework within an organization, defining policies, procedures, roles, and responsibilities for handling security incidents.
  2. Incident Detection and Classification: Methods for detecting and classifying security incidents, including different types of incidents and their potential impact.
  3. Incident Assessment and Response: Guidelines on how to assess the severity of incidents, respond promptly, contain the incident, and prevent its escalation.
  4. Incident Reporting and Communication: Establishing procedures for reporting incidents internally, as well as communication protocols for stakeholders, including regulatory bodies or external parties.
  5. Incident Recovery and Lessons Learned: Strategies for incident recovery, documenting lessons learned, and improving incident response capabilities based on post-incident analysis.