COBIT5 Gouvernance & Audit


Overview: COBIT 5 Governance and Audit certification and training provide professionals with specialized knowledge and skills in establishing and maintaining effective governance structures and audit processes tailored to align IT with business objectives within the COBIT framework.

Key Features:

  1. IT Governance Frameworks and Models:
    • Understanding various IT governance frameworks and models, including the principles and components of COBIT 5.
  2. Governance Principles and Objectives:
    • Emphasizing the importance of aligning IT with business goals and defining governance objectives.
  3. Governance Structures and Processes:
    • Implementing governance structures and processes that ensure accountability, transparency, and alignment with organizational strategies.

Audit Aspects Covered:

  1. Audit Planning and Execution:
    • Developing audit plans aligned with governance objectives and executing audits based on COBIT 5 principles.
  2. Audit Reporting and Improvement:
    • Generating audit reports, identifying areas for improvement, and ensuring compliance with governance standards.

Key Concepts Emphasized:

  1. Control Objectives:
    • Defining and implementing control objectives that align with governance objectives and ensure compliance.
  2. Risk Management:
    • Integrating risk management practices into governance and audit processes to identify, assess, and mitigate IT-related risks.

Certification and Training:

  • COBIT 5 Governance and Audit Certification: Typically involves specialized training sessions focusing on governance and audit aspects within the COBIT 5 framework.
  • Exam Assessment: Evaluation of knowledge and application of governance and audit principles within COBIT 5.

Target Audience:

  • IT Governance Professionals: Individuals responsible for establishing and overseeing IT governance structures.
  • IT Auditors and Compliance Officers: Professionals involved in auditing IT systems and ensuring compliance with governance standards.


  • Effective Governance Practices: Establishes effective governance structures and audit processes for IT systems.
  • Risk Mitigation: Helps in identifying and addressing risks through robust governance and auditing.

Who Should Attend:

  • IT Professionals
  • Security Officers
  • Network Administrators
  • Auditors
  • Security Enthusiasts

Duration: 3 days

Location: Onsite and Online

Why Choose Saintynet:

  • Proven track record in delivering high-quality cybersecurity training.

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