Fortinet NSE2


Overview: NSE 2 represents an intermediate level within the Fortinet NSE program, providing a deeper understanding of Fortinet’s network security solutions and technologies. It serves as a stepping stone toward more advanced certifications within the NSE program.

Key Features:

  • Extended Understanding of Fortinet Solutions: Expands on the foundational concepts introduced in NSE 1, offering a more comprehensive view of Fortinet’s network security solutions.

Core Components:

  • Fortinet Solutions and Technologies: In-depth exploration of Fortinet’s security offerings, including FortiGate, FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer, and other related technologies.
  • Security Fabric Elements: Detailed understanding of Security Fabric components and their integration.
  • Security Policies and Procedures: Implementing security policies, best practices, and procedures using Fortinet solutions.

Certification Benefits:

  • Advanced Understanding of Fortinet Products: Provides a deeper insight into Fortinet’s network security technologies.
  • Career Advancement: Builds on the foundational knowledge obtained from NSE 1, preparing individuals for more advanced certifications within the NSE program.
  • Enhanced Security Skills: Equips candidates with practical knowledge in deploying and managing Fortinet solutions.

Training Format:

  • Official Fortinet Training Materials: Advanced courses, study guides, and resources provided by Fortinet.
  • Hands-On Experience: Practical labs and scenarios to apply the learned concepts.

Prerequisites and Requirements:

  • NSE 1 Certification or Equivalent Knowledge: Typically, completion of NSE 1 or equivalent foundational knowledge.

Assessment and Certification:

  • Exam Format: Usually, an online assessment or exam assessing the covered topics in detail.
  • Certification Process: Successful completion of the NSE 2 exam leads to the NSE 2 certification.

Cost and Registration:

  • Fees: Costs for the NSE 2 certification may vary; candidates should check Fortinet’s official site for accurate pricing details.
  • Registration: Through the Fortinet Network Security Academy or Fortinet’s official training portal.

Who Should Attend:

  • IT Professionals
  • Security Officers
  • Network Administrators
  • Auditors
  • Security Enthusiasts

Duration: 5 days

Location: Onsite and Online

Why Choose Saintynet:

  • Proven track record in delivering high-quality cybersecurity training.

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